Delta Choice Benefits Program: Benefits and How to Use

Delta Air Lines, one of the major airlines in the United States, offers a loyalty program called Delta Choice Benefits for its most elite frequent flyers. The program is designed to reward its Diamond Medallion members with a variety of benefits and perks to make their travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Delta Choice Benefits program, including the benefits, how to select them, and some tips to maximize their value.

Delta Choice Benefits

What are Delta Choice Benefits?

Delta Choice Benefits is a rewards program exclusively available to Diamond Medallion members who have earned 125,000 Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) or 140 Medallion Qualification Segments (MQSs) in a calendar year. Members who qualify for the program can choose from a range of benefits, including Global and Regional Upgrade Certificates, Delta Sky Club Memberships, Travel and Transportation Credits, Gift Cards, and Elite Status Gifting.

How to select Delta Choice Benefits?

To select your Delta Choice Benefits, log in to your SkyMiles account on Delta’s website and navigate to the Delta Choice Benefits section. You can choose from the available benefits based on your travel preferences and the benefits you think you will use the most. It’s important to note that you can only select your benefits once a year, so choose wisely. Also, keep in mind that the selection window is open for a limited time, so don’t wait until the last minute.

Delta Choice Benefits – Benefits to choose from

Global and Regional Upgrade Certificates: These certificates can be used to upgrade to First Class or Delta One on a Delta-operated flight. Global Upgrade Certificates can be used for international flights, while Regional Upgrade Certificates can be used for domestic and some international flights.

Delta Sky Club Memberships: This benefit provides access to Delta’s exclusive airport lounges worldwide. Members can enjoy complimentary drinks, snacks, and Wi-Fi, among other amenities.

Travel and Transportation Credits: Members can use these credits to pay for flights, car rentals, and other travel expenses. These credits are valid for a year and can be used for multiple purchases.

Gift Cards: Members can choose from a variety of gift cards, including Delta gift cards, Tiffany & Co., and more.

Elite Status Gifting: Members can gift their Gold Medallion or lower status to someone else, who can then enjoy the benefits of that status for a year.

Tips to Maximize Delta Choice Benefits Value To get the most out of your Delta Choice Benefits, consider the following tips:

  1. Know your travel habits: Choose benefits that align with your travel preferences and the benefits you think you will use the most.
  2. Plan ahead: Keep track of the selection window and select your benefits early to avoid missing out.
  3. Use your benefits wisely: Make sure to use your benefits before they expire. For example, use your Sky Club Membership before it expires or your travel credits before the year is up.

Delta Choice Benefits is a valuable program that offers a range of benefits to Delta’s loyal customers. By understanding the benefits and how to select them, Diamond Medallion members can make the most of this program and enjoy the benefits that come with it. If you’re a frequent flyer with Delta Air Lines, be sure to explore Delta Choice Benefits and take advantage of the rewards available to you.


Delta Choice Benefits program is an advantages package offered by Delta Airlines to its passengers. The program provides various benefits such as priority boarding, free checked bags, seat selection, and lounge access.

To enroll in the Delta Choice Benefits program, you need to be a member of Delta SkyMiles program. You can then choose the benefits package that suits your travel needs and pay for it using your SkyMiles.

Yes, you can change your Delta Choice Benefits package after enrolling in the program. However, changes to your benefits package can only be made once per year during the open enrollment period.

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