Niaouli Essential Oil Benefits – Is Niaouli good for skin?

Niaouli essential oil is highly recommended for treating acne, thanks to its low comedogenic rating and broad range of health benefits. As a natural cicatrisant, it speeds up the healing process of acne scars. The niaouli essential oil is also considered an excellent choice for reducing the appearance of scars after acne. Listed below are a few benefits of niaouli essential oil.

Niaouli Essential Oil Benefits

What is niaouli essential oil used for?

The plant, Niaouli, belongs to the family of Myrtaceae, along with the clove tree and myrtle. This evergreen tree grows up to 20 meters tall, and features spikes of creamy or yellow flowers. Its essential oil contains a mixture of cineole and eucalyptol, two compounds classified as antiseptic and antirheumatic agents.

As a natural decongestant, Niaouli has many medicinal properties. It is effective for reducing inflammation, preventing infection, and relieving cough. It also soothes skin conditions like insect bites and rashes. In addition to these medicinal benefits, Niaouli essential oil is also highly effective as an antimicrobial. It can eliminate a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including protozoa, which are responsible for causing severe tropical fevers and malaria.

What does Niaouli smell like?

One of the most popular essential oils for aromatherapy, Niaouli smells similar to eucalyptus. Its main constituent, 1,8-cineole, is similar to eucalyptus, but with a milder herbaceous smell. Niaouli is also widely used in basket-making and tea. Niaouli has medicinal properties similar to those of eucalyptus, including the ability to relax and refresh the mind.

The oil itself is pale to dark yellow, depending on the copper content of the soil. It has a warm, astringent, and camphor-like odor. It resembles the aromatic essential oil cajuput in both smell and therapeutic properties. Niaouli oil contains eucalyptol, limonene, pinene, and terpineol. It is used for respiratory and pulmonary issues.

Can Niaouli be taken internally?

The Niaouli plant, or more specifically, the essential oil extracted from it, has many benefits. It is an antimicrobial and can treat a variety of internal infections, including those of the colon, urinary tract, and intestines. These plants also promote bowel movement, which is important in ensuring overall health. Niaouli essential oil benefits can be taken internally, enabling people to reap all the plant’s benefits.

In addition to treating skin problems, Niaouli essential oil helps ward off insects. It kills worms in the intestinal tract and helps the body absorb essential nutrients. This essential oil is also a powerful insecticide. While it may be harmful for pregnant and nursing women, it is generally safe for use on all ages and skin types. If you’re considering taking Niaouli essential oil internally, make sure to consult with a healthcare professional first.

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