Tangerine Essential Oil Benefits For Health and Wellbeing

Besides its antibacterial properties, Tangerine essential oil also has nutritional and medicinal benefits. It is a widely used ingredient in cosmetic products due to its many health benefits. Adding Tangerine essential oil to soap bars and facial cleansers helps energize the body. It should be diluted in a carrier oil for best results. Hence, its benefits should be known and appreciated by all. If you are using Tangerine essential oil for sleep, it is a good choice.

Tangerine Essential Oil Benefits

Where do you apply tangerine essential oil?

Tangerine essential oil is known to have several health benefits. It can be applied to open wounds and is effective for a variety of home applications. It contains limonene, a compound that contributes to the benefits. It is widely used in Chinese medicine, where it is used to cleanse the wounds and prevent septic infections. In addition to its calming properties, tangerine essential oil can be used for a number of other applications, including massages, cosmetics, and even oral applications.

Tangerine essential oil benefits can be obtained by using a few drops in a diffuser. Apply the diluted oil to your skin. Avoid the eye area and mouth. Leave the solution to dry for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off with a washcloth. You can also apply tangerine essential oil to pulse points on your body. This essential oil also enhances the scent of other natural oils.

Is Tangerine essential oil good for sleep?

There are several benefits of tangerine essential oil for your health and wellbeing. Besides promoting healthy sleep, it also reduces stress and digestive problems. Additionally, it can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Tangerine oil can be applied to skin and can even be used in a healthy shake or as a sweetener for a dessert or beverage. This essential oil is available as pure therapeutic grade and is 100% natural.

The aroma of tangerine essential oil can help you sleep by promoting tranquility and well-being. Tangerine essential oil is very gentle and can be added to your own homemade cleaning product to help remove unpleasant odors. It can also be added to a facial cleanser or a cotton ball and applied to dresser drawers or car vents. It is believed to aid in deep sleep and fight off insomnia.

Which is better orange or tangerine essential oil?

Tangerine essential oil comes from the peel of a tangerine. This fruit is also known as Citrus reticulata and is native to China. It is extracted by cold compression and contains a number of chemical compounds. Tangerines are closely related to mandarin oranges. The two citrus fruits are often confused. Although they both contain alpha and beta pinene, tangerines have less acidity than mandarins. Tangerines are also harvested at a different time of the year.

Both orange and tangerine essential oils are derived from citrus fruits and have medicinal benefits. However, orange oil is preferred by most aromatherapists and fragrance companies because of its stronger scent. Tangerine oil is a more potent oil than orange oil and is used in many body care products. The sweet, citrusy aroma of tangerine oil is perfect for your early morning rituals.

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